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How do we invest your super?

When it comes to investing, asset allocation can have a big effect on your final balance.

When you join Vision Personal, you’ll be investing in our Sustainable balanced investment option (unless you choose a different option). This option is a portfolio made up of a combination of assets with an allocation to shares, property, fixed income and cash asset classes. This has been designed to deliver medium to long term growth through passive investing*.

Investment allocation

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Vision Personal Sustainable balanced

Actual asset allocation for each asset class may vary from time to time within the indicative ranges.

  Benchmark allocation % Indicative allocation %
Australian equities 27.0 17 – 37
International equities 33.0 23 – 43
Property 10.0 0 – 20
Diversified bonds 27.0 17 – 37
Cash 3.0 0 – 13
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Investment objectives

Our Sustainable balanced investment option aims to outperform (after fees and taxes) the rate of increases in inflation as measured by the CPI by 3.0% pa over at least two thirds of all rolling 10 year periods (bear in mind that this is an objective, not a forecast or prediction).

For full details please refer to the Vision Personal PDS.

Vision Personal PDS 

Smart Tip

*What’s passive investing?

In the Sustainable balanced option Vision Super will passively invest your superannuation by building a portfolio that closely mimics the performance of a market index. This is the opposite of active investing, which is building a portfolio that is different from a market index in an attempt to outperform it, and comes with higher fees.

Passive investing keeps your fees low, and that’s what Vision Personal Sustainable balanced is all about. We believe that by keeping fees low you’ll benefit in the long run.

A super calculator to help you plan

Our interactive calculator can help you see how much superannuation you may end up with, or how long your superannuation may last.

You can also calculate how changes, like making extra contributions or decreasing your working hours, could make a difference to your super (bear in mind that the calculator provides an estimate based on assumptions, not a guarantee).

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