Innovative, disruptive super for you

Investing in the future for greater returns

When you select Vision Super's Innovation & disruption investment option, you're choosing to invest in your future. This option focuses on innovative global companies that are expected to benefit from strong earnings while disrupting the status quo and changing the way we do things

Shake up how you invest your super

Innovation that aims for greater returns for you

The companies we choose for our Innovation and disruption option include some of the biggest technology success stories over the last decade. The companies selected don't always succeed, but when they have, some have done it in a really big way.

Reshape your future

Our Innovation and disruption investment option invests your super in companies that are reshaping and changing how the world works - how we do business, live our lives and look after ourselves. Some of them you would have heard of like Amazon and Netflix, others are less well-known but having just as big an impact, like cloud-based enterprise software maker, Workday and Semiconductor manufacturer ASML.

Is Disruption right for you?

The Innovation and disruption investment option is one of Vision Super's higher risk investment options, but it also projects greater super returns in the long term. It's why this option is for members that are comfortable with the volatility and willing to stay invested in this option for a minimum of 7 years, giving you time to ride the ups and downs.

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