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Love lower fees

All superannuation funds have fees, but if those fees are too high, all they do is eat into your superannuation savings.

Vision Personal’s Sustainable balanced investment option is the cheapest sustainable superannuation option in Australia, as rated by SuperRatings on a $50,000 account balance.

Love Lower Fees
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When it comes to super, never forget it's your money.

Don’t waste money on high fees - it can make a huge difference to your future balance. It’s important to know what you’re paying! 

The average annual fee on a $50,000 balance for someone who has chosen their own super fund (not their employer’s preferred fund) is $598 for industry funds, and $847 for retail funds, according to SuperGuide


For the same balance, a member of Vision Personal’s new Sustainable balanced investment option would pay an annual fee of $238 (excluding the cost of insurance). 

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Vision Personal low annual fees

Let's imagine you have a $50,000 account balance and took advantage of the Vision Personal Sustainable balanced investment option. The table below gives an example of how the fees and costs for this option can affect your investment over one year.

Fee type Calculation Example fee for $50,000 balance
Investment fee 0.15% For every $50,000 you have in the superannuation product you will be charged $75 each year.
PLUS Administration fees

$78 pa ($1.50 per week) plus 0.17% pa

AND, you will be charged $163 in administration fees (comprising $78 regardless of your balance and $70 depending on your balance and $15 towards reserving)
PLUS Indirect costs 0.0% pa AND, indirect costs of $0 each year will be deducted from your investment
Equals cost of product If your balance was $50,000 then for that year you will be charged fees of $238 for the superannuation product*

*  Additional fees may apply. And if you leave the superannuation fund, an exit fee will not apply. Currently buy/sell spreads do not apply to contributions, exits, rollovers or investment switches.  See the Vision Personal Fees and Costs Guide.

Take a look at the case study below to help you see the benefits of a lower cost superannuation product.

View the case study 

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Case study: Judy chooses lower super fees

Judy is 30 and earns $50,000 per year. She already has $20,000 in her superannuation. After looking around for another superannuation fund, she changed to one with total percentage based fees of 0.5% pa. Her old fund charged total percentage-based fees of 1.5% pa.

By changing to a superannuation fund with lower fees in this way, Judy will have $97,000 more in her superannuation when she retires at age 65. Her super account balance will be $464,000 instead of $367,000 (all other things remaining equal).

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Assumptions – calculated assuming 8% returns, no other fees or costs, no insurance premiums and salary increases of 2.5% pa.

Warning – this case study is illustrative only. It is not based on actual experience and is not intended as a guarantee. Actual results may differ materially from the illustration. Also, you should consider all the features and benefits of a super product before deciding whether to invest.

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Smart Tip

A 1% pa difference in percentage-based fees could mean you’re 20% better off in 35 years (see the case study and assumptions above).

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