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We love the planet

We’re the 4th largest investor in responsible assets out of Australia’s superannuation funds, according to the Responsible Investment Benchmark Report 2016.

We’re the only super fund in Australia to have developed and run our own wind farm - the Vision Super Wonthaggi Wind farm! We ran the wind farm for ten years and it’s still powering almost 7,000 homes.

We signed the Paris Pledge for Action in 2015 which encourages investors to strive for a 50% carbon emission reduction by 2030, with a goal of being carbon neutral by 2050.

For more information on our how we invest and operate responsibly for the environment and our community, see our dedicated web page here.

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What makes our Sustainable balanced option ‘sustainable’?

Vision Personal's Sustainable balanced option specifically seeks to invest in companies that are considered sustainable.

While we’re committed to investing responsibly across all our investment options, our Sustainable balanced option is especially focused on sustainable investment – with 100% of the equity allocation managed to a low-carbon benchmark.

When you apply to join Vision Personal, your account balance (including contributions) will be invested in the Sustainable balanced investment option*.

*You can choose out of nine other investment options: Just shares, Growth, Balanced Growth, Balanced, Conservative, Australian Equities, International Equities, Diversified Bonds and Cash.

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How are we an ethical super fund?

As a not for profit, industry fund, everything we do is for our members. We keep fees low, cut costs where possible, and return all profits back to our members – and we think that’s an ethical structure.

We want to make sure that the companies that we invest in are doing their best to minimise their impact on the environment and act ethically, so we exercise our shareholder vote. This gives us the opportunity to support businesses that are doing the right thing, and oppose actions such as the use of cheap labour in unsafe conditions or excessive pay for executives.

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Vision Super ranked 19th out of world’s 500 largest investors for climate action

Vision Super has been ranked 19th out of the world’s 500 largest investors for our action on climate change in the 2017 Global Climate Index by the Asset Owners Disclosure Project (AODP).

The Global Climate Index ranks asset owners, such as insurance companies, pension funds and super funds, on how they manage climate-risk in their investment portfolios. We received an AA rating in the index, putting us in the leading top 6% of asset owners in the world when it comes to managing climate risk and the top four responsible asset owners in Australia.

To see the full AODP Global Climate Index, head to the AODP website here.