Sustainable super for you

Good for you and the planet

When you select our Sustainable balanced investment option, you're choosing to invest in an environmentally-sustainable superannuation fund that’s been around for over 70 years and offers members some of the lowest fees and competitive returns.

Super that doesn't cost the Earth

Low fees for you

Vision Super's Sustainable balanced investment option has the lowest fees of any sustainable superannuation investment option in Australian Superannuation, as rated by SuperRatings on a $50,000 balance, charging you around $200 less in annual fees than the industry median.

Competitive returns for you

The Vision Personal Sustainable balanced option is designed to outperform the rate of increases in inflation by 3% per annum over at least two thirds of all rolling ten-year periods (as measured by the CPI after fees and taxes). While this is an objective rather than a forecast and returns can go up and down, so past returns are no guarantee of future performance, this option has been performing above those expectations since it began in 2016.

Sustainable super for you and the planet

Your money is invested in companies that are doing their best to minimise their impact on the environment, are sustainable and act ethically. We also encourage that behaviour into the future through exercising our shareholder vote. This gives us the opportunity to support business that are doing the right thing, and oppose actions such as the use of cheap labour in unsafe conditions or excessive pay for executives.

Need more info?

We have combined everything you need to know about our sustainable balanced super option into a neat little package.

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